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The Star Portal was created in January 2021 by the owner (me!), Elizabeth.

Having always had an appreciation for the mystical side of life, I was inspired to create a website for other magickal beings like myself.

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My Story

I grew up around witches, tarot readers, and people with a love of spirituality. Eventually, in my teen years I had my exploring phase and gradually started levitating towards witchcraft.

From there I’ve spent many years reading, learning and discovering, and I now proudly call myself a witch (a solitary, eclectic, grey witch at that!)

I love crystals (especially amethyst), tarot and oracle cards, the moon, candle magick, making spell jars, and I am attempting to teach myself astrology. Basically, I have a love for everything that’s mystical, and I’m always learning something new.

Thank you for your support while The Star Portal grows.

For all business enquiries and for anything else, please send an email to

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The Star Portal


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