Do Spells Always Have To Rhyme?

“I had great results with this spell!” says a fellow Witch sharing a spell in their online community. They mean well by sharing, but spells aren’t always one size fits all.

There are a lot of spells available to us. Spells shared by your friends, from books or found on the internet.

But the most powerful spells are created by the Witch themselves.

It is you who knows what you want the outcome to be, the specific details of your situation, the passion you have behind it.

I like to think of it as finding a recipe I’d like to try. Maybe I don’t like some of the ingredients that have been added, or I might think a different ingredient would be so much better for my personal taste, perhaps I’d like to adjust the cooking time or method. After all, it is me that will be eating it, so I want to make the recipe ideal for me.

After these adjustments, the recipe is now mine, based on another recipe, but suited to my needs and my personal tastes.

Creating your own spell is essentially very similar to adjusting a recipe.

Perhaps the words don’t quite connect with you, your situation probably isn’t exactly the same as the writers. Maybe some of the ingredients don’t connect well with you or you feel another colour candle would be better substituted.

Here you can view our huge list of Magickal Herbs and their uses that you could use to adjust your spell ingredients.


To put it simply, no, spells do not need to rhyme.

Spells usually rhyme because it makes them easier to remember or to sound better when chanting or singing them, it does not make them more powerful.

Magick doesn’t say, “Only poets and songwriters can create magick spells!”

What a spell does need is your intent. It has to connect deeply with you.

Your spell can be as long or as short as you want it to be. If that’s one sentence, so be it, as long as that feels right for you.

The best way to create a spell is to listen to your intuition. If at any point you feel in your gut “no, this doesn’t sit right with me” then make adjustments!

A powerful spell is fully created by the Witch, by their chosen ingredients, in their wording, in their intent, passion and belief. If you are hesitant, doubtful or unsure of your spell, you will manifest that into your magick and you probably won’t get the results that you intended.

You are the Witch, you are the magickal being. Listen to your inner wisdom, and never ever doubt yourself.

Now go make some magick beautiful Witches!

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