How To Make Moon Water - Moon Water 101

There’s no denying the incredible power of the Moon. She is mysterious and always changing. She has the power to boost magick and manifestation. She can affect our moods, our feminine cycles, and even the vast oceans tides, so it is only natural that she can affect the Moon water we create.


Moon water is water that has been charged by the Moon. It harnesses the Moon’s power and amplifies the power of the water. It is simply made and even more versatile in its use.

The energy of the water depends on your intentions, the Moons phase, and which Zodiac sign the Moon is in.


To make Moon water, you will need:

  • A jug/container/mason jar (clear is recommended unless you’re incorporating colour magick to your Moon water)

  • Water (Please make sure the water is safe to drink if you intend to do so) any water can be charged, tap, bottled, river water etc.

  • Something you can label your water with so you will remember the date, phase and zodiac of the Moon water

  • Incense or herbs to cleanse your items

  • Optional herbs too boost the intentions e.g roses for love, lavender for sleep and relaxation, or basil for prosperity. (View this post to see 250+ Herbs and their meanings)

  • Optional crystals to boost the intentions e.g rose quartz for love or amethyst for boosting psychic ability (Important!! Please check before that your chosen crystals are water safe, some crystals may dissolve or make the water undrinkable)

  • Optional lighter and bowl for burning the herbs

  • Optional your intention e.g healing, peace, love.

Traditionally, Moon water is made at night during a Full Moon. The Full Moon is when the Moons power is at its most potent, but it can be made during any phase of the Moon to encourage different energies.

Here’s a handy list of the Moon phases and their intentions:

New Moon – Resetting, New Beginnings, Fresh Starts.

You can use New Moon water to reset craft tools for use. For example, taking an old spell jar that’s served its purpose. Dispose of the insides, wash and rinse with new moon water to reset the energy of the container for reuse.

Waxing Moon – Growing, Planning, Taking Action.

Water for your plants. Drink before working out or handling a task.

Full Moon – Power, Success.

Wash the windows and doors with it for protection. A good way to add an extra punch to a spell is by charging your tools with a rinse of Full Moon water.

Waning Moon – Releasing, Letting Go, Banishing.

Note: it is not advised to create Moon water during an eclipse as the eclipse power can overpower the lunar energy.

As well as the Moons phase, the zodiac sign it is in can affect the Moons energy. Here’s another handy list with the planets, zodiac signs and their traits and energy.

Sun – Rules Leo

Traits – Personality, courage, self-expression, ego, pride.

Moon – Rules Cancer

Traits – Emotions, intuition, nurturing, shifting moods.

Mercury – Rules Gemini and Virgo

Traits – Communication, intellect, organisation, intelligence.

Venus – Rules Taurus and Libra

Traits – Sensuality, charm, creativity, beauty.

Mars – Rules Aries

Traits – Drive, aggression, competitiveness, motivation.

Jupiter – Rules Sagittarius

Traits – Optimism, abundance, growth, risk-taking.

Saturn – Rules Capricorn

Traits – Discipline, work ethic, restraint, structure.

Uranus – Rules Aquarius

Traits – Innovation, originality, life force, liberation, rebellion.

Neptune – Rules Pisces

Traits – Compassion, imagination, subconscious mind, spirituality.

Pluto – Rules Scorpio

Traits – Control, power, intensity, death, afterlife, transformation.

So for example, if I wanted to make Moon water to enhance beauty, by using these lists I can see the best Moon phase would be during a Waxing Moon (growth, increase) whilst the moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus or Libra (ruled by Venus – beauty).

Making Moon Water

  1. Begin by cleansing your materials using your chosen method.

  2. You can cleanse your water by putting your water in a sealed container, and allowing your herb bundle/incense smoke to wrap around it. You can use filtered water or many other sources for your moon water. If you are using naturally sourced water I highly suggest boiling it before placing it out under the moon so that it is safe to drink.

  3. Add your label to the container, stating the date, moons phase and zodiac sign.

  4. Add crystals inside the container. (Be careful which crystals you choose to use as some dissolve with water) You can also set the crystals around the outside of the container in a circle or on top of/under the container. Do the same with your chosen herbs, by either adding them to the water or surrounding the container with them. You can also burn the herbs to release their intentions into the Universe if you wish.

  5. Set the container somewhere safe outside or in a window in the evening until the sun rises. Do not let a cloudy night bother you, it’s still a good night to charge your water! We are working with lunar energy here, not moonlight.


There are so many ways that Moon water can be used! Here are a few ideas.

  • Use in spell works simmers pot to banish energy in the spaces.

  • Useful poured into a bath ritual, great results adding it to your bath after shadow work.

  • Use it to cleanse your home, altar, sacred space, crystals, ritual tools, even yourself!

  • Mop your floors with Moon water.

  • Dip your brushes in Moon water while you paint.

  • Wonderful for watering your plants with.

  • Drink your Moon water to absorb it into your body.

  • Use the water to create a room cleansing spray.

  • Create a fragrant room spray by adding alcohol and essential oils.

  • Use it to anoint your body.

  • Use the water in your essential oil diffuser.

  • Add a small amount to your beauty products and mix in well, for example, night creams, toners, body lotions.

  • Add it to your tea, coffee or use when cooking.

  • Use Moon water in ice cube trays and put it in your drinks.

  • Use in your pets water bowls.


As well as the Moons phase, the zodiac sign it is in and any herbs or crystals you have added, you can also use different types of waters to boost your Moon waters magickal energies.

Rain Water – Multipurpose, growth, rebirth, good for spells that gain power over time

River Water – Moving on, focusing energy, warding, breaking through rough paths, and good for powering tools

Storm Water – Emotional strength, confidence, motivation, force, charging, strengthens spells, and good for curses

Snow Water – Purity, endings, change, good for slow-moving spells

Sea Water – Cleansing, healing, banishing, and protection

Dew Water – Love, fertility, delicate magick, fae work

As you can see, Moon water can be completely specific to your magickal needs. How do you like to use and make yours? Share with us in the comments below!

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