100+ Old Wives Tales

We've all heard some sort of old superstitions and old wives tales. Some can be quite believable (are you one of many who resists plucking a grey hair in case you sprout ten more?!) And others can be so absurd you can only wonder who could actually believe such a story.

We've gathered a huge list of old wives tales. Do you find any of these to have any truth to them?

Old Wives Tales

  1. Put your purse on the floor and your money will run away.

  2. If your feet get swept, you must spit on the broom or you will never be married.

  3. Never buy a man shoes, he will walk out of your life in them.

  4. Shoes on the table are bad luck.

  5. If you sleep with your shoes by your head, you will have nightmares.

  6. When you spill salt, use your right hand to throw it over your left shoulder to ward off evil.

  7. Don't do laundry on New Years Day or you may wash somebody out of your life. (Sometimes wash your money away for the year.)

  8. Urinate in baking soda to find out the gender of your baby. If there's a lot of fizzing it's a boy, if there's little to no fizz, it's a girl.

  9. When you move to a new house, don't bring your old broom.

  10. Sneezes: One for a promise, two for a kiss, three for a letter, and four for a wish.

  11. Having a widow's peak hairline means your husband shall die before you.

  12. For period cramps: get a little of the blood on a piece of cloth and bury it.

  13. Pregnancy comes in threes.

  14. Death comes in threes.

  15. Don't have a mirror facing your bed,

  16. Don't have two mirrors facing each other.

  17. Spilling your coffee means you will gain money.

  18. If the cupboards are left open, people will be talking about you.

  19. Knock on wood to not jinx something.

  20. If you want a guest to leave, put a broom upside-down behind a door.

  21. If you don't want to return somewhere, throw salt and a stone behind you as you leave.

  22. When entering a place you'd like to go again, enter with your right foot.

  23. Don't throw hot water outside at night.

  24. Children: Step on a crack and you'll break your mothers back.

  25. Get out of bed on the same side you got in on.

  26. Never answer when you hear your name until you see the person saying it.

  27. Don't split a pole when walking with someone.

  28. If you have an itchy nose, you're going to kiss a fool.

  29. If your right-hand itches, you will be coming into money.

  30. if your left-hand itches, you will be losing money.

  31. Burning ears means somebody is talking about you.

  32. Don't rock an empty rocking chair or you will bring death.

  33. If cows lie down, rain is coming,

  34. When squirrels gather nuts early, and birds build their nests low, it means we are in for a bad winter.

  35. Dropping a spoon on the floor means unexpected company.

  36. Never put anything that says "welcome" around your home, you don't know what you could be welcoming in.

  37. Never pick up a penny unless its head's up or you will receive bad luck. If it's tails up, flip it over to give the next person who picks it up good luck.

  38. Saluting magpies for good luck.

  39. Never pass somebody on the stairs.

  40. When a cat washes their face, it's going to rain.

  41. Sleeping with socks on gives you nightmares.

  42. Never whistle at night.

  43. A picture or photo falling down is a sign of forthcoming death.

  44. Lift up your feet when driving over train tracks for good luck.

  45. Onion on the bottom of the foot takes fever away.

  46. You should never kill moths in your home, they are your visiting ancestors.

  47. If your broom falls, expect a visitor.

  48. Pointing at the Moon is bad luck.

  49. It angers the dead if you don't hold your breath while walking past a cemetery.

  50. Three knocks at your front door is a demon. Don't answer.

  51. Don't sleep with your head at the door, sleep with your feet at the door.

  52. When you accidentally bite your tongue, it means somebody is talking bad about you.

  53. Stir with a knife, you stir up strife.

  54. If a bird flies into your window, death is coming for somebody close to you.

  55. Clean your kitchen before bed, or spirits will come in and rattle the dishes.

  56. It's bad luck to walk in one shoe.

  57. If you get a bump on your tongue, it's because you told a lie.

  58. If you pick a dandelion, you will wet the bed.

  59. Eat the crusts on your bread to make your hair curly.

  60. If you pluck a grey hair, you will grow ten more.

  61. Don't open an umbrella indoors.

  62. Don't be angry while cooking, you'll make everyone mad.

  63. Tell your gossip to the bee's, they'll produce more honey if they have stories to share with the hive.

  64. If you sprinkle cinnamon on paper money and keep it in your purse, you will never go broke.

  65. Put almonds in your pocket to find something you have lost.

  66. A ring around the moon means trouble.

  67. Don't cut your nails at night or you'll lose your head.

  68. Smelling jasmine while walking means a spirit is near.

  69. Girls shouldn't walk around barefoot because the cold from the floor will cause problems in their ovaries.

  70. If you hate someone while you're pregnant, your child will turn out just like them.

  71. Bury your partner's underwear in your garden and they will never leave the house.

  72. If gifting a purse or wallet, first place a coin inside.

  73. Never watch somebody until they are out of sight, or you may never see them again.

  74. Make wishes on fallen eyelashes.

  75. When you remove your hair from your hairbrush you should burn it, or magpies will make their nests with it and you will have bad luck.

  76. Sleep with or near Amethyst to keep nightmares away.

  77. Pennies are hugs and kisses from heaven/the afterlife.

  78. Stare into a mirror for too long and weird things will happen...

  79. Drop a fork: A woman's coming. Drop a knife: A man's coming.

  80. Don't shower on your period or you will bleed heavily.

  81. Don't go outside with wet hair or you will catch a cold.

  82. If you laugh too much, you will end up crying soon.

  83. Purple sheets in a bedroom are bad romantic luck.

  84. If you see a storm coming, go barefoot in the dirt to ground yourself.

  85. Black cats and dogs bring good luck to a household.

  86. If you crack an egg and find a double yolk, good fortune comes your way.

  87. Watched water doesn't boil.

  88. Sudden goosebumps mean someone has just walked over your grave.

  89. When you get up from or bump into a rocking chair, never leave it rocking.

  90. Don’t cut a baby’s fingernails until they’re a year old, bite them off, or they’ll become a thief.

  91. Having a baby accidentally fall off a piece of furniture before they're a year old will ensure they live to adulthood.

  92. Don't wear opal if it's not your birthstone.

  93. If you have a pet cat and move house, put butter on its paws to prevent it from running back to the old house.

  94. Putting glass bottles over the branches of a tree will call evil spirits to it and trap them in the bottles.

  95. It's good luck to hold your breath while driving through a tunnel. If you manage to hold your breath all the way until the end, you get to make a wish.

  96. If you muddle up words or letters while you're speaking, an ancestor with a sense of humour is messing with you.

  97. Don't eat cheese before bed or you will have nightmares.

  98. a black cat crossing your path is bad luck.

  99. If you break a mirror you will receive 7 years of bad luck.

  100. . Don't walk under ladders.

  101. Grab a button when a hearse drives by or you may be the next to die.

  102. . Make a wish when the clock says 11:11.

  103. Touching a toad will give you warts.

  104. A bird pooping on you is good luck.

  105. When you dream of someone you know, it means they've been thinking about you.

  106. If you tickle a baby, they'll develop a stutter.

  107. Four-leaf clovers are good luck.

  108. Cats can steal a babies breath away.

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