Peoples Real Experiences With Moldavite

In this post, we’re sharing some of our favourite experiences with Moldavite that we have come across. Moldavite has become very popular recently, and just about everyone is trying to get their hands on even the smallest piece so they can experience its almighty power. Before we share some people’s real experiences of Moldavite, let’s just quickly recap on what Moldavite is, and what you can expect from its powerful energy.


Around 15 million years ago, a gigantic meteorite crashed into the mountainous region of Czechoslovakia. Moldavite was formed from the heat of the incredible impact, which is believed to have had an effect stronger than an atomic explosion. Moldavite is a tektite stone and has an intense frequency and high vibration. It comes in various shades of green including olive green, deep green, light green and green/brown. All genuine fragments of Moldavite originally come from only the Czech Republic.

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Moldavite fragments are often called Holy Grail Stones. It is a stone of greatness and has the ability to make a much necessary change in someone’s life. Those on their spiritual journey can benefit from Moldavite, as it aids spiritual growth and provides great psychic protection. Moldavite has many other benefits, such as diagnosing illnesses and providing fertility. It brings protection and good fortune to its owner and is often used to provide travel safety. It is a gemstone of the heart and can be used to benefit the heart Chakra by keeping it balanced, which is essential for giving happiness and love in your relationships. Warning: Moldavite is an extremely powerful stone. The stone has such high vibrations that it may leave you feeling drained or nauseous if you are not used to them. It is not a stone for beginners.


I’m a little over a month into my Moldavite journey. Yes my life is upside down and a little crazy. But I’m stepping into my power and coming into my own and have zero regrets about buying it. If you thinks it’s calling you buy it. They tend to disappear on people so if you aren’t ready you might lose it lol. But go for it – Breona H
So I wrapped a few of them. Just wrapped them, didn’t even wear them and two weeks after wrapping the last one I am leaving a year + relationship and moving in to my own place. My small shop is getting tons of business and my favorite hobbies are getting more attention. The transition is painful, but it’s where i need to be. – Samantha H
I was kinda a pushover and really didn’t like progression, kinda felt like I was on pause…well I’ve been wearing it for 2 months and I take no shit and my life feels to not be on pause anymore! I hashed out the biggest flaws in my relationship and I am realizing my own worth! – Alli D
I meditated with it for just a few minutes and then cried for 3 hours straight. Mine is in a jar with obsidian and selenite and I don’t touch it. I only keep it because I know it’s real and I might want to use it some day – Tamara S
I bought some moldavite and made it into a ring. Wore it every day for a week. Within that week I left my ex fiance of 5 years, moved from Florida to SC, started a new relationship with a man who has treated me better in the now month we have been together than my ex treated me in the last 5 years. I’d say it’s worth it – Jacqueline T
My first moldavite gave me weird feelings…i set it in a potted plant. The stem of the plant went curvy . when I removed the moldavite…it stem straightened – Amber R
I got mine a handful of months ago, wore/wear it almost everyday. I have seen change. First from the fact that I could think much more clearly, secondly, I started changing the way I processed things, lastly I left a 9year abusive relationship which I had never ever dreamed of having the strength to do. And even now, change is still greatly underway. Honestly I love Moldavite, and I hope it helps many more people too. – Brianna J
Highly recommend. I’m living my best life because of it. It has pushed me to return to school and the work force after battling post partum depression with my youngest child. I feel happier, motivated, and more balanced with it. – Christine S
Let’s just say this: I bought my piece a little over a month ago. My husband and I have gotten divorced (which, quite frankly, needed to happen- I was just not letting go), and I lost my job. However, as tough as that has been and continues to be, it forced me to go into real estate, which is what I’ve been wanting to do, but just didn’t have the time. Moldavite is no joke. If it’s calling to you, buy it. But BE PREPARED for big things to happen in your life! My piece is just a tiny sliver that I paid $30 for, but it brought the changes I needed. Good luck! – Carissa T
I’ve had it since Wednesday. The first day I wore it I got an opportunity for a promotion at work with a huge pay raise and the second day I made well over $200 in a single shift by getting huge tips all day. Down side is me and my boyfriend have NOT been able to stop fighting since I put the damn thing on. – Taylor R
It’s very VERY powerful! It made my tarot reading business gain a lot more traction the day I got it and I never expected it! A few days later I broke up with my boyfriend and blocked him for two weeks until I had the very strong urge to text him and things feel better with him than before ☺️ A few days ago I decided to end the friendship with my best friend of 10 years but who knows if the moldavite helped me with ending the friendship – Holly B
I have one..a pendant. First 24 hours or so it didn’t do much but I had intense results after that. Emotional release, realizations, seeing things for what they are and visions. I actually had to put mine in another room because it was so intense. I formed a relationship with mine and now it “tells” me when I need it. I love mine but be prepared. – Karla S

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