Rituals And Spells To Help With Depression

If you’re reading this post, then it’s highly likely that’s you’re in need of rituals and spells to help with depression.

First of all, I open my arms to you and send you so much love. I understand and I hear you, as I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my early teens.

I want you to know that I’m here for you if you need somebody to talk to, you are not alone, you’re not hopeless, and people do care. Please don’t feel afraid or judged to contact me to talk, I welcome and encourage you to.


Sometimes depression isn’t as simple as feeling low after a run of bad luck, there are many causes of low mood and depression. I encourage you to seek professional help to diagnose the cause of your depression and using magick to boost the professional help you receive.

My depression is due to a chemical imbalance, my brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin, so I need to take medication to increase these levels. It’s not a 100% fix, I still struggle daily, but without this medication, I am extremely sensitive, emotional, stressed, anger easily, fed up with life, no motivation, dark thoughts, to name just a few.

On top of daily medication, I regularly do rituals and spells to help with depression, which personally really helps me.

I’ve researched a whole bunch of ways people use rituals and spells to help with depression, I hope that some of these can help you too.



The human body produces Vitamin D as a response to sun exposure.

According to Medical News Today, symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency may include regular sickness or infections, fatigue, bone and back pain, low mood, impaired wound healing, hair loss and muscle pain.

The colour yellow represents the sun, it also represents happiness, inspiration, creativity, confidence and boosting self-esteem.

One of the best ways to boost your Vitamin D is by being in the sun, but when you’re depressed it can be hard to leave your bed, let alone go outdoors.

Here is a beautiful ritual you can do to boost your spirits by embracing the properties of the colour yellow.


Gather all things yellow, citrus fruits, yellow candles, yellow flowers such as sunflowers, daffodils, daisies etc, yellow crystals, bright and happy images, yellow items that bring you joy.

Make yourself a little yellow haven where you can sit and absorb all of this beautiful uplifting energy. Imagine your little haven is radiating the brightest, warmest yellow/white light.

Close your eyes and picture yourself breathing in the yellow energy. Feel the bright yellow energy filling your body and getting bigger with each breath you take, and with every exhale there is less and less darkness to be released.

Know that as soon as the darkness is released, it is absorbed by the bright yellow energy that’s radiating from your magickal yellow items gathered in front of you, like shadows being forced into the sunlight.


I received a self-love jar spell with my most recent Witch Casket (check out this post to see what else was inside my Witch Casket), so this is the perfect opportunity to share with you how I did it.

A self-love jar is a jar filled with items to encourage self-love. Items could include essential oils, rose quartz, rose petals, pink Himalayan salt, lavender, rosemary, sugar and pink candle wax.


Make sure you are in the right frame of mind. You must be calm and relaxed, an ideal time would be right after a cleansing bath.

Light candles, your favourite incense, gentle music, and then begin to cleanse and set your intentions to all of your gathered items. They all have a purpose, so reaffirm to them what that is.

I like to use the incense I’m burning to smoke cleanse each item, and while doing so I mentally talk to each item, saying something along the lines of “rose quartz, you are now cleansed from any negative energies and are now ready for use. I have chosen you because you encourage the love of all kinds, you can help me to attract more love towards myself and I thank you for your help in doing so.”

When all items are cleansed and charged with their intent, I then add them individually to the jar (which has also been cleansed and thanked). While doing this I am completely in the moment and focused, you can’t be thinking about that huge load of laundry you need to get through or tomorrows dinner ideas! Focus!

When the items are added to the jar, I then attach the lid to secure inside all of those beautiful loving energies. I then use my pink candle and pour the wax on top to seal the jar. I then allow the pink candle to burn out while I sit for a while longer embracing all of the loving energy and imagining all of the loving things I will do for myself.

The jar must not be opened until you feel the spell jar has worked its magick, it could be days, weeks, months, years, but it will work as long as you don’t doubt it.

Keep your jar nearby where you spend the most time, and pick up your jar and feel those loving energies whenever you need a little reminder of what a beautiful soul you are.

View this post for a full list of magickal candle colours.


Cleansing baths and showers are a wonderful, easy ritual you can do with even no items needed.

Some people like to use bath salts, herbs, flowers, essential oils and crystals in their bath, to help draw out the negative toxins and energy they are storing, leaving them feeling cleansed, refreshed, renewed and content.

You can do this in the shower by using herbal scrubs you can either buy or make yourself, you could even use a sliced piece of fruit such as a lemon to gently apply the scrub to your body.

For a quick boost when you have no available items, you can charge your water by imagining it’s a beautiful, clear, and cleansing water, from which a radiant and comforting white light is glowing and sparkling. Use this magickal water to wash away the negativity you are carrying and know that after your bath and shower you will come away feeling lighter and joyous.


Let in the light! Even better, open the windows too.

I know it can be hard to leave the house when you’re feeling down, but sunshine and fresh air really does make the world of difference.

Watch the world go by, the breeze rustling the trees, the birds soaring and singing, allow the breeze to stroke your skin. I promise nature is one of the best medicines.


A tidy, clean and cleansed space can help you to feel safe and comfortable.

You deserve a nice environment to live in, your low mood is already affecting so much of your life, so while you’re recovering, make your home somewhere that you actually kind of like to hang out.

A quick dust with a damp cloth, a run around with the hoover on the main floors, a wipe over the toilet, fresh bedsheets and the beautiful scents of your favourite incense or candles, and you will have that little sense of achievement that you’ve conquered something you’ve found difficult, and the happy boost of being safe and snug in your cosy space.



Writing a journal can help you get to know yourself better and bring your thoughts and emotions to the surface. It’s a safe place to let out your innermost feelings which is so much better than keeping it all locked away and carrying it all on your own shoulders. Seeing your problems written down on paper can help put them into perspective.

Lots of people find a gratitude journal really helpful, this is where every day you write one thing you are grateful for, no matter how small. “I’m grateful for the lovely buttery toast I had for breakfast today, it was delicious”, “I’m grateful I managed to brush my teeth today, my mouth feels so refreshed” or even “I’m grateful for my bed, it is my safe and comfortable haven away from the world”. Eventually, you will start to train your brain to see more of the good things in life.

Shadow Work

Working on your shadow self is all about becoming aware and owning up to the dark side of ourselves, the parts we hide deep down inside ourselves and struggle to acknowledge.

Shadow work gets very deep, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

For a great article describing shadow work in more detail, check out this post: Can Shadow Work Help With Mental Health? By themighty.com.


Snuggling up with your favourite hot drink and a few yummy biscuits is a magickal ritual all on its own. Don’t doubt the magick of tea and biscuits!


Maybe you don’t have somebody in your life who you can talk to about how you’re feeling, or maybe you’re just not ready to open up to somebody.

This technique can be hard at first, and you may feel a little awkward, but it does get easier!


Grab a mirror and talk to the person staring back at you. Tell them your worries, tell them what you love about them, talk to them like your nearest, dearest and closest friend, because in reality.. you are your own best friend.

You and yourself have been through everything together, nobody knows you better than you, and you and yourself are going to be together for your entire lives. So give your best friend some love, share your problems, thank them for always being there for you, tell them how beautiful they are, brush their hair and stroke their cheek, because that person staring back at you loves you so, so very much.


Meditation doesn’t work for everybody, but for the majority of people, they have great results. Meditating can help to clear your mind and energy and help you to learn how to allow negative thoughts that arise to be acknowledged and then released.

There are a few techniques to meditate, but for beginners, you are probably better with an audio-guided meditation. There are many free guided meditations available on YouTube ranging from 5 minutes to an hour or more. Start small and see what works for you. Meditating isn’t a one time fix, it’s something you need to do regularly to really feel the long term benefits.

The world is better because you are in it. I believe in you.


Write down on paper how you’re feeling. Release all your pain, anger, stress and anxieties onto the page and don’t hold back. Let it all out!

When you are finished, burn the paper and release it into the universe, allow the ashes to blow away in the wind and know that the universe has heard you, is all around you and is there to support you through your negative times.


Our Moon is a beautiful, magickal, feminine energy, and she is at her most powerful during a full moon. And what do us witches do when there’s a full moon? Usually, cleanse and charge our crystals!

She is powerful enough to cleanse and charge you too, so get outside and sit under the full moon to cleanse and recharge yourself. Take in her energy, gaze at her beauty, and be in the moment with this amazing treasure we have looking over us.


Tarot cards have so many more uses than being used for divination. They’re a reflective tool that can really help as a soft form of therapy and introspection. They can unlock new perspectives and help you become more aware of your situation.

Tarot spreads can also be helpful to dive into the specifics and give you more insight. Try a spread like this one.


When we’re feeling down or depressed, our vibration is low and crystals can help us elevate it. Carry crystals in your bra, pocket, or as jewellery to keep their positive energies close by.

The top 10 most recommended crystals for anxiety and depression are carnelian, smoky quartz, lepidolite, jasper, obsidian, angel aura, citrine, malachite, clear quartz, and tigers eye.


Hobbies can act as a distraction and as an output to express our feelings. For many years people have expressed their internal struggles and emotions through art, whether it be by creating music, poetry or painting and drawing.

Seek out your creative side and find a way to put the words you can’t seem to express into your art, and feel yourself lightening the load you’re carrying into your work.


To quote mindisthemaster.com:

The way that sound healing works depends on what frequencies are being used and in what vibration or rhythm. On the cellular level, sound healing works by triggering genetic changes. Healing frequencies can even damage the cellular walls of cancerous growths in the case of high-frequency sound therapy cancer treatments. On a therapeutic level, exposure to certain sound frequencies has been shown to alter brain and body activities in ways that promote lower stress levels and a higher self-healing immunological response. Since lower vibrational frequencies are thought to cause irritation, disease, and other negative effects on the human body, higher frequencies are generally the frequencies used for healing purposes in alternative medicine.

YouTube is a great source for music therapy, 528Hz is the powerful frequency of love, which restores human consciousness and brings more harmony and balance in your life. It also helps to create self-love and can end the problems of illness, hatred and jealousy.


Egg cleansing is a ritual that helps to remove negative energy from the body. I will be writing a separate post that goes into egg cleansing in a lot more detail, I will update this post with the link once it’s published.

Update: Our Egg Cleansing post is now live!

I hope this post has helped anybody out there who’s not feeling themselves right now.

Do you have any of your own rituals and spells to help with depression? Let us know in the comments.

Please remember, you are beautiful, you are special, and you are loved. I’m here for anybody that needs to talk, please don’t suffer alone.

Love and light,

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