Tarot 101: Introduction To Tarot

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with images that have been used for centuries. They are a powerful tool used to access our inner guidance system and our intuition.

Tarot can help to provide people with deep and personal insights regarding their circumstances, their inner and outer experiences and can reflect a mirror image of oneself, bringing greater awareness and transformation.

Anybody can learn to read the Tarot, but to do so you must have an open mind and trust yourself with the impressions you sense when you're reading the cards.

Tarot cards are a metaphysical tool that enables us to access our inner wisdom and intuition. They help us to tap into ourselves and reveal what is going on under the surface of the events around us.

Regular Tarot practice has many personal benefits.

Benefit 1 - Tarot Provides Guidance

When you are confused about a situation, you can rely on tarot cards to provide you with suggestions and advice. Tarot will guide you to the answers to your questions. Each card illustrates different aspects of life, each lending its own unique take on what you wish to gain guidance on.

Benefit 2 - Tarot Provides A New Perspective On Life

You will develop a better understanding, awareness, and knowledge of your circumstances through Tarot readings. You will be able to examine your struggles and goals from different outlooks and perspectives to enhance your ways to problem solve.

Benefit 3 - Tarot Is A Gateway To Connect To Your Intuition

By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings when examining the images on your card reading, you will shift your mindset and connect to your real, authentic self.

What Is An Archetype?

Archetypes are symbols to which we can relate. They represent events, people around us, and significant aspects of life. Each of the Major Arcana (the first 22 cards of the Tarot) represents different archetypes. For example, The Fool is a childlike archetype, enthusiastic, innocent, carefree, full of wonder, but also a little careless.

The Empress is a motherly archetype, nurturing, fertile, warm, and caring.

The Major Arcana cards contain archetypal symbols to which we can all relate. which enables us to examine the forces that live within us, and develop a greater understanding of our personality and circumstances.

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