The Magickal Uses Of A Cats Whisker

Cats have been worshipped and adored for thousands of years. They are well known for their mystical nature: their heightened senses, their ability to detect things that we can't, typically known as the witches familiar or magickal helper, they are an agile hunter and protector that always seems to land on their feet.

This is why many people make use of their furbabies fallen magickal gifts, by using their cat's whiskers to enchant their lives.

cat with long whiskers

Making Wishes

Like many of us do with a fallen eyelash, a fallen whisker can be wished upon. I by no means encourage anybody to pull out their cat's whiskers, that would be terrible pain for your poor cat, but every so often cats do shed a random whisker here and there, and if found then it is perfectly acceptable to use it, it may have even been meant to have been found by you!

Making a wish on a cat whisker is really easy. Simply concentrate and make your wish on the cat whisker, visualise your wish in your mind and really feel in the moment that it's already true. When you feel ready, burn the whisker to release your wish into the universe, and feel confident that the energies have already begun moving to make your wish come true.

Cat Whisker Correspondences For Use In Magick

cat in front of full moon

Cat whiskers can also be kept and stored for later use. I still have a jar of some of my cat's whiskers from before he passed away, I couldn't possibly bring myself to use them now, and are instead kept and treasured.

There are a few ways that cat whiskers can be used in spellwork, for example adding to a spell jar (check this post for tons of other ways you can use up some of your jar hoard!) or charm bag.

Here's a list of what cat whiskers can represent in magick:

  1. Protection

  2. Agility

  3. heightened senses

  4. Shedding old ways

  5. New beginnings

  6. Luck

  7. Balance

  8. Increased awareness

  9. Enhancing spells

I do not recommend doing any negative kinds of magick with your cat's whiskers. Spells can go wrong, and you really don't want those negative energies linking back to your cat.

Other Ways To Use Cat Whiskers

magickal cat

As cat whiskers are great for protection, people like to leave cat whiskers in the corners of their home, to encourage luck and protection in the home.

Other's put a cat whisker in their purse or wallet to keep the luck and protection close to them.

You could also sleep with one under your pillow, or attach it to a dream catcher, to help protect from nightmares.

So next time you find that your cat has dropped a whisker, embrace a little magick into your life whether by making a wish or by keeping it as a lucky charm.

Love and light,

The Star Portal

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