Using Daffodils In Magick

Spring is marked by the blooming of daffodils! These flowers make me happy every time I see them with their vibrant yellows and oranges.

Despite being friendly and sweet, they are taken for granted in Magick. The first flower of spring has significant spell-casting potential.

Dried daffodils

Daffodils Are Resilient

When the last frost comes, daffodils will bloom and refuse to fade, even when the early spring snows crush everything else. This delicate flower resists the elements.

Use Daffodils in spells intended to build resilience.

Daffodils Are High Vibe!

This is one friendly flower! The lovely yellow hues, the open petals, and the way it stands out like a sunny day. It is said that yellow flowers represent friendship and joy in general.

Daffodils emit a bright, uplifting, cheerful energy to bring joy to your life.

Use Daffodils in friendship spells, happiness spells, and any other spell that you need some sunshine and positivity!

Daffodils Are Lucky!

Daffodils are considered lucky flowers. There's a tradition that if you make the effort not to step on them and crush them, fortune will favour you with abundance.

Daffodils witches altar

Use Daffodils For Self-Love

Daffodils are a member of the Narcissus family. In Greek mythology, Narcissus is the young man who fell deeply in love with his own reflection. Even though his story didn't end well, we can benefit from it by not following in his footsteps.

Self-love spells with daffodils are particularly effective. If you’ve been down or harsh on yourself and you want to change that, consider using daffodils in the spell.

Regeneration Energy

Daffodils are bulb plants. When they have bloomed out, they will bloom again the following spring if they are left alone.

Incorporate this regenerative energy into your Magick, particularly if you wish to attract luck and prosperity into your life.

LGBTQ Spells

The daffodil is a flower with both male and female parts, hence its classification as a bisexual flower. As a result, it's a useful flower to use in LGBTQ spells. A protective flower in its own right, it’s particularly effective for those who are gender nonconforming.

A Springtime Offering

Make an offering to a Deity. Not only does this make your altar look pretty, but your deity will adore their gift. The Gods like pretty things.

Using daffodils in magick
So do cats!

Shadow Work

Daffodils will help naturally sunny people to confront their shadows with confidence. A lot of happy people avoid the darker side.

Daffodils can help bring balance to your emotions. Life is all about balance. Swing too far one way or the other and your life will feel off centre.

Please note: Daffodils are poisonous if ingested. Do not eat them, and take care of leaving them around if you have children or animals in your home.

Daffodil pollen can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Consider using gloves or limiting your exposure to petals or pollen.

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