Witch Casket Review February 2021

Welcome to the first (of maybe many?) Witch Casket review!

I’ve been a subscriber to Witch Casket for a while now, I think this may be my eleventh box! It’s my little treat every month, and each month I’m just oh-so excited to receive my box! I’d like to add that this post isn’t an advert or sponsored by Witch Casket, I have not been paid or received a free box in exchange for a review. I simply love my Witch Casket subscription boxes and wanted to share the love with you all.

What Is Witch Casket?

A brief introduction for newbies, Witch Casket was created by Mother and Daughter, Deb and Ella. They sell a witchy monthly subscription box jam-packed with all kinds of magickal goodies. A few examples of items I’ve received in the past, various crystals, incense, candles, spells, herbs, cups & travel mugs, runes, an altar bell, incense holders, a wax sealing kit, and sooooo much more! Witch Casket has worldwide shipping, and currently costs £29 per month.

OK back to the reason you’re here, because you’re nosey and want a peek inside the box!? So let’s get started on our February 2021 Witch Casket review! With it being February, this months theme is for Valentines Day, specifically focused on Self Love & Love Magick.

I think we’re all in need of a little more self-love and care after this stressful ride of a year we’ve had!


1. Wooden Elements Altar Board

Exclusively designed and crafted just for you, our magickal Witch Casket subscribers! A beautiful wooden altar board representing all of the elements. A captivating addition to any magickal space, which is not only decorative, but can be incorporated into your spells and rituals.


This altar board is really detailed and beautiful. It’s not something I would normally buy for myself so it’s nice to receive it as a gift. I’m not sure where I’m going to put it yet though as my altar space is.. well, let’s just say it’s organised chaos!

2. Self-love Bottle Kit

This enchanting box holds everything you need to create a powerful charm bottle to promote the self-love you deserve! Spell kit contains:
  • Small bottle

  • Rose petals

  • Rose Quartz chips

  • Pink spell candle


Oh wow, this is just perfect! I love the little magnetic box it all comes in. I love the tiny bottle, the tiny rose quartz chips, the tiny flakes of rose petals and the tiny pink candle! This is just adorable and I can’t wait to do this self-love jar!

3. Enamel Pin Set – Potion Bottles

Because Peace & Love go hand in hand, we created an enchanting set of potion pins for February. May peace and love be with you wherever you go!


Honestly, I’m not a very pin badge person. I have nowhere to put them and I don’t really know what to do with them. Don’t get me wrong they are very lovely pins, these would have been great if I were still a teenage girl at high school, they would have been all over my school bag! What do you do with your pin badges?

4. Six Simple Love Spells Parchment Scroll

A beautiful parchment scroll containing six secret spells (written exclusively for Witch Casket subscribers) to invoke love of all kinds! This information can be copied to your grimoire/book of spells, or you can simply place the sheet inside your spell book. Framed, these scrolls can also add splendour to the walls of your home.


I love these scrolls! I have them all stored in a folder and it’s lovely to flip through and view them all. There are always such interesting hints, tips, facts and spells and they’re always so gorgeously decorated. My only issue with these scrolls is the stickers that are used to seal the scroll. When peeling off the sticker the paper always rips a little for me ☹ I think tied with string or a ribbon would maybe be easier but it’s not a massive huge deal.

5. The Craft Beanie

Be bold about your dedication to The Craft (while staying snug and warm!) by wearing our bewitching beanie!


It’s a really cute hat, I love the purpley pink stars on it! I’ve tried it on and it fits so cosy and snug! It feels really nice quality and really warm ☺

6. Seven Days of Self-love Ritual Kit

Learning to feel joy and gratitude, even for the smallest things, can raise your vibration and attract a more joyous life! Sealed inside the black envelope is everything you need for a week of reflection:
  • Gratitude parchment sheet

  • Pink candle

  • Infinite Magick Pen


I will be starting this self-love ritual today, I can’t wait! I definitely need more joy in my life right now. The enclosed pen is pretty cool looking too, I always need pens!

7. Love Incense Cones

Incense has been used for centuries as a meditation aid, and also for spiritual cleansing, sacred traditions, and rituals. Light the incense and allow the magickal aroma to sweep through your space removing negative energies and leaving behind a beautiful, calming atmosphere. Our opulent patchouli incense cones can also be used as part of any love spell or ritual.


These have such a pretty perfumey smell. I love that Witch Casket keeps me stocked up on my escentials (haha.) The little tub is adorable too, I will be sure to keep it to store random things.

8. Rose Wax Melts by Saffie Bea

This month we teamed up with the amazing Saffie Bea to create these bespoke rose wax melts. Made with soy wax and imbued with 100% rose essential oils, these natural melts will carry their beautiful and magickal aroma around your home! Visit Saffie on instagram: www.instagram.com/saffie.bea


My fat ass got excited and instantly my mind jumped to “Yesss! Witch Casket has sent us a strawberry and cream chocolate bar!!” I haven’t tried these melts yet but I’ve had a little sniff of the wax in the packet and I’m sure it won’t be long until they’re on my burner.

9. Rose Quartz Pendant

Wear this gentle, loving stone to attract love of all kinds. Rose quartz can also help to restore trust and harmony in relationships, and heal the heart from past experiences. Can also be used as a pendulum for divination.


What a beauty she is! Plus the stone is a generous size and quite weighty. I also really like the adjustable necklace length, so you can change up from choker length to a long necklace.

10. Rough Cut Amethyst

Amethyst has long been recognised as one of the ultimate spiritual crystals, and in many ancient cultures only royalty, priests and priestesses had access to the mysteries and secrets of this stone. A renowned physical and emotional healer, its calm, serene energy makes this a great meditation aid. Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes anxiety and irritability, and calms anger, fear, and sorrow.


I never put a filter on this photo so you can better see the gorgeous deep purple colour this stone has. I absolutely love it, Amethyst is my favourite which you may have seen on my about page. Thank you Witch Casket, I was so happy to see this.

11. Rose Congou Loose Leaf Tea by TeaCakes of Yorkshire

Luxury ingredients: black tea, rose petals, natural flavours (organic compliant). Antioxidant level: high. Caffeine content: medium. Properties: When stirred clockwise with the intent to encourage love, this tea can become a magickal witches brew! Sip mindfully, and feel yourself being surrounded by a veil of gentle and loving energy.


I can’t review this tea at the moment as I haven’t tried it! I have had rose tea in the past though and fairly enjoyed it (I’m not the biggest fan of herbal teas, to be honest) so I am open to giving this a try.

12. Art Print by @aquadne

We are so happy to be able to include another of Aquadne’s magnificent art prints in our Casket this month. What an amazing talent she is!


They’re right, she is very talented! I love receiving these little art prints, I have them all over my wall surrounding my altar. I love all of the pinks in the picture too, it’s nice when people cater to the witches that aren’t 100% darkness and gothic aesthetic.


I adored this months casket! It’s jam-packed with lots of items that will get lots of use from me. It’s a little pricey at £29 but it’s definitely worth it. The Witch Casket team are always so very lovely and friendly, and frequently active on their social media, they literally respond to everybody! Additionally, their email support has always gotten back to me within an hour, I couldn’t possibly fault Witch Casket if I tried! I highly, highly recommend Witch Casket to anyone who’s looking for a witchy subscription box. I hope this Witch Casket review helped you, and if you have any questions please leave a comment or use the contact page. Thank you for reading, Love and light, The Star Portal

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